1.2. Introduction // The importance of workers' rooms for the labor market and the economy

Fitter rooms play an important role on the labor market and in the economy, especially in sectors such as construction and craft trades. Oftentimes, workers who are sent to assembly work for specific projects or jobs have to live in another city or country for a short time. Workers' rooms offer a practical and cost-effective accommodation option for these workers, who usually only work in one place for a limited time.

By providing fitter rooms, employers can keep their employees mobile and flexible and more easily deployed in areas where there is a labor shortage. This is particularly important at times when there is a strong need for workers, such as in the construction sector or in industry.

Worker rooms can also help reduce costs for employers as they are a cost-effective alternative to expensive hotel rooms. In addition, landlords of rooms for workers can benefit from a constant income and thus contribute to the growth of the local economy.

In addition, rooms for workers also offer an important option for workers who want to settle in a new city. Often workers who accept a new job cannot immediately find a suitable apartment or house. Fitter rooms offer a temporary housing solution, giving workers time to find a long-term housing solution.

In summary, worker rooms can help increase mobility and flexibility of workers, reduce costs for employers, boost local economies and play an important role in job creation and strengthening economies in different regions

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