2.2. History // Former and current use of workers' rooms

The earlier use of fitter's rooms was mainly limited to certain industries, such as construction and the automotive industry, where workers were often sent on assembly jobs and only worked at a specific location for a limited time. Fitter rooms were usually rented by companies or construction site operators and used as temporary accommodation for their employees.

In the present, however, rooms for workers have a much broader application and are not only used by companies, but also by private landlords and holiday home providers. They offer a practical and affordable alternative to expensive hotels, especially for people who temporarily need to move to another city or are traveling.

In some countries like Germany, Monteurzimmer have also become an important accommodation option for refugees who have to live temporarily in a new country while waiting for permanent accommodation.

In addition, workers' rooms have evolved over the years and today often offer a wide range of facilities and amenities to meet residents' needs. Many rooms for workers now have Wi-Fi, cable TV, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom. Some even offer maid service or weekly cleaning.

Overall, rooms for workers have played an important role in the labor market and tourism industry over the years and have become an important accommodation option for many people.

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