7.2. Legal aspects of rooms for workers // Terms of contract and questions of liability for rooms for workers?

Contract terms and liability issues may vary by landlord and rental agreement, but in general there are a few terms and liability issues to consider for fitter rooms:

Terms of contract:

  • Rental period: The rental period for rooms for fitters is often limited and can range from a few weeks to several months.
  • Notice period: The landlord can set a notice period that the tenant must comply with.
  • Deposit: A deposit may be required to cover any damage or unpaid rent.
  • Use: The use of the room and the common areas can be regulated, for example with regard to noise pollution, smoking or the use of the kitchen.

Liability issues:

  • Damage: The tenant is usually liable for damage he causes in the room or in the common areas.
  • Insurance: It is important that both the landlord and the renter have adequate insurance to cover possible damage.
  • Security: The landlord is obliged to ensure the security of the tenants and their property, for example by installing smoke detectors or security locks.
  • Disclaimer: The landlord may try to exclude or limit his liability for damage or injury occurring during the renter's stay, but in some cases this is not permitted.

It is important that both landlord and tenant read the rental agreement carefully and clarify any questions in advance in order to avoid possible conflicts and ambiguities.

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