1.1. Einleitung // Was ist ein Monteurzimmer?

1.1. Introduction // What is a fitter's room?

A fitter's room is furnished accommodation that is usually rented by workers or craftsmen who need to work away from their home town for a short period of time. Fitter rooms are often offered by landlords or companies and are usually more simply equipped than hotel rooms. The rooms can be offered in different sizes and configurations, depending on the needs and requirements of the tenants.

Fitter rooms are a popular alternative to expensive hotel rooms or longer leases for apartments or houses. They offer tenants a flexible and affordable way to live in another city or country while they work. As a rule, fitter rooms include a basic

Furnishings, bed linen, towels and use of the kitchen and bathroom.

Fitter rooms are an important facility for companies that send their employees on assembly work, as well as for workers and craftsmen who have to work in another city for a short time. This type of accommodation is also beneficial for landlords as it can provide a constant source of income, especially in areas with high labor demand.

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