6. // Disadvantages and challenges for tenants and landlords with rooms for fitters?

For both tenants and landlords, there can be some disadvantages and challenges with rooms for workers:

For tenants:

  • Lack of privacy: Because workers' rooms are often shared with other workers, it can be difficult to have privacy and withdraw.
  • Noise: If the rooms face a street or a noisy area, the noise can be annoying and affect sleep.
  • Limitation of free time activities: Tenants of rooms for workers often do not have much time to organize their free time activities, as they are usually far away from home and have to concentrate on their work.

For landlords:

  • High cleaning effort: Due to the high fluctuation of tenants and the frequent use of the common rooms, rooms for fitters have to be cleaned frequently, which can be a great effort.
  • Difficulties in finding tenants: Since rooms for fitters are usually only rented for a short period of time, it can be difficult to find new tenants again and again.
  • Competition: Since there is a high demand for fitter rooms, there are also many providers who compete for tenants, which can lead to high competitive pressure.

In addition to these challenges, legal requirements and regulations, such as building law, labor law or tax law, can also pose a challenge for landlords.

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